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Stormproof balcony privacy screen

Stormproof fence privacy screen

Storm-proof fence privacy screen : If you want to customize your fence, you have many options to choose from. Printed fence banners with a desired motif are very popular for individualizing the balcony. When designing, choosing the material and the possible attachment, you should consider a few points in order to enjoy your fence privacy screen for a long time.

Which material is the best for my fence privacy screen?

Depending on the requirements you place on the material, your choice of the right material should be made. Below we describe which materials are best suited for which purposes:

Mesh - Mesh tarpaulin

A fence privacy screen made of mesh material has the special feature that the material has small holes and wind can therefore blow through the balcony banner. This is particularly useful in very windy locations such as in the mountains or on the coast. Thanks to the perforated surface, wind is guided through the material and possible sailing forces are minimized. This reduces the stress on the banner material and its attachment points. With an appropriate assembly and a suitable attachment, such a fence banner can be attached to any fence almost storm-proof.

Despite the small holes, the individual print looks high-quality and in strong colors. You can also look through the banner from your fence, but passers-by can only make out a vague idea of it.

The material and the print are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are weather-resistant.

PVC frontlit tarpaulin

A fence privacy screen made of a PVC frontlit tarpaulin impresses with its very high-quality print with rich colors and rich contours. The material is a very robust full tarpaulin with a coated front. Thanks to the coating, the print looks very high quality and is particularly durable. A fence privacy screen made of Frontlit is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is very UV and weather resistant. The print is made using UV digital technology, which reproduces bright, intense colors as well as strong and rich contours.

The fence banner can be made with different finishes, which makes it very versatile. Due to the closed surface, it is not as suitable for very windy places as the mesh material. With additional measures such as a border band as a reinforcement in the hem, fence banners made of frontlit can also be mounted almost storm-proof.

If you are planning special projects and are unsure whether and how they can be implemented, simply contact us. Our experienced team will be happy to support you in the implementation of your fence privacy protection ideas.

Fence privacy screen made of blockout material

The blockout material is ideal as a fence privacy screen where a different graphic is desired on the inside than on the outside. The material has a black barrier layer in the middle. Thanks to this special sandwich construction, the blockout privacy screen can be printed on both sides. For example, you can print a beach motif on the inside of the privacy screen for a beach atmosphere and choose a stone wall look on the outside, which adapts to your building. The overall picture of the house is not affected and you can create your own oasis of well-being from the inside. The fence privacy screen is very robust and durable.

However, you should pay particular attention to professional installation in very stormy locations. On the one hand, you can choose correspondingly narrow eyelet spacing to distribute the load over several points. Furthermore, instead of cable ties , which form a rigid connection between the parapet and the privacy screen, you can choose flexible expander rubber . As a result, the entire fence banner is floating on the parapet and can settle a little if the wind loads are too high, thus creating larger spaces for the wind and taking interacting forces from the parapet.

This is just a selection of our standard materials, which we can offer you in any size. Our portfolio offers much more and we can implement further solutions for your individually designed fence privacy screen on request.

Just talk to us, we would be happy to advise you!

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