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Balcony curtain made of wool material

We see balcony curtains on every beach pavilion or cozy hotel terrace on vacation. They give the seating area a very special fler and we feel like we are in another world. The balcony curtain is not only used for visual purposes, it also fulfills its purpose by creating privacy and also offers sun protection as required. What has been typical in many southern countries for many years is also becoming more and more popular in our latitudes. In our online shop you will find your balcony curtain in your desired size. You can customize them according to your wishes and have them individually printed.

If you have your balcony curtains printed by us, we will make them from a light wool curtain fabric. The material has a grammage of 52g/m² and is printed using sublimation technology. We have defined various packaging as standard. So you only need to select the desired production when ordering. If you need a special assembly for your balcony curtain for your purposes, simply contact us, we will also be happy to offer you individual solutions.

If you want to buy a balcony curtain and have it printed individually, you can design it according to your wishes. In order to be able to produce the balcony curtain in the best quality, we recommend that you consider the following points when designing.

  1. safety distance

So that your desired motif is visible over the entire surface of your balcony curtain, please keep a distance of 5 cm from the edge. This is the only way we can ensure that the selected packaging does not affect the graphics or cannot be displayed in certain areas. If you want a larger tunnel (e.g. 8cm) on one side, please choose the appropriate safety distance accordingly larger.

  1. Which program?

In order to be able to create a corresponding file for your balcony curtain, we recommend using an image editing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Gimp is a free program that you can download from the Internet. This is also ideal for creating print files.

  1. file size

You can simply create the file itself in the selected balcony curtain size. You don’t have to consider the additional material for the hem or tunnel. This is then taken over later by our work preparation. If you want to choose a scale for your file, this is also possible. In this case, please make sure that the selected pixel density is higher according to the scale, so that we can scale up the file of your balcony curtain without loss.

  1. file format

We can use any standard closed file format (PDF, jpg, tiff…) to print your balcony curtains. We cannot accept open formats such as ai.