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Balcony privacy screen on the side for your feel-good ambience

Balconies come in all shapes and sizes. A balcony privacy screen is an excellent solution so that you can feel comfortable on your balcony and are protected from prying eyes from the neighbors. On balconies that are open on the side, there can be several advantages to attaching a balcony privacy screen to the side. The balcony privacy screen on the side not only serves as a privacy screen from neighbors or passers-by. If you have your balcony privacy screen printed individually on the side according to your wishes, it creates an ambience according to your ideas. Furthermore, you get a corner that you can turn into a relaxation zone with suitable seating furniture, which would not be possible without a privacy screen .

A side balcony privacy screen is suitable for anyone with a balcony that is open on one side. This can be the case with corner balconies or with continuous balconies where there is only a parapet to the neighbor. A side screen can also be used in the garden or on a terrace as a screen or as a shade provider. In our shop you can enter the respective size freely. You can order your balcony privacy screen from the side and we will manufacture it in exactly the size you need. By default, we manufacture the privacy screen in a rectangular shape . However, if you would like your privacy screen in a different form, simply contact us. We would be happy to manufacture your balcony privacy screen on the side in any other contour.

In our online shop you will find a selection of different materials for your balcony privacy screen. The 210g polyester is one of the most popular materials. The fabric with a grammage of 210g/mΒ² is light and yet very robust and almost completely opaque. The basic material is white and can be individually printed in all colours. The privacy screen balcony side made of polyester 210g is B1 (flame-retardant) certified. Depending on your requirements, we can assemble the balcony privacy screen on the side according to your requirements. A sewn-in trimming band and eyelets every 30-50cm are typical at the top to pull a tension rope through there. The material is hemmed on the left and right and we set 4 eyelets in the lower area to attach the privacy screen to the parapet with cable ties . The lower edge is usually just hemmed. If you need other mounting options, we can also offer you these individually.

If you would like to have a balcony privacy screen printed on the side , there are no limits to the design. In order to be able to produce this for you in the best quality, we only ask that you comply with a few guidelines. Your file should be created in the proportions of the privacy screen and have a correspondingly high resolution. If you are creating your file at 1:1 scale, a resolution of 150-300dpi will suffice. An image editing program such as Photoshop or Gimp (free) is best suited for creating the file. If you are not sure whether your motif is suitable for printing, you are welcome to send it to us in advance and we will check the feasibility. If you do not have the opportunity to create your desired motif for your balcony side screen yourself, we can create the file for you according to your specifications.

To have a balcony privacy screen printed on the side, you can choose between different materials. One of the most popular materials is Polyester 210g. We print this privacy screen using sublimation technology. The inks are evaporated into the fabric. The print is UV and weather resistant and machine washable if necessary. We print the side of the balcony privacy screen in the CMYK color space. Your motif should ideally also be in CMYK. If you send us a print file in rgb colors, we will automatically convert it to CMYK. Thanks to our modern printing machines, we can print your motif in high-resolution, photo-realistic quality.