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Fabric balcony privacy screen - Elegant privacy screen with desired motif

If you have a balcony, you know how important it is to equip it with a suitable privacy screen. A privacy screen balcony fabric can not only protect your privacy, but also protect your balcony from the sun and UV rays and give it a stylish look. Here are the main factors you should consider when choosing a privacy screen balcony fabric.

In addition to the typical PVC privacy screens , fabric privacy screens are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the matt surface and a photo- realistic print quality , a privacy screen balcony fabric looks very high-quality and elegant. The fact that a fabric privacy screen can be machine washed if necessary is also a great advantage over PVC privacy screens .

In our shop we offer you a wide variety of fabrics as privacy screens for your balcony. Depending on the requirements and application, you can choose between polyester 115g, polyester 210g, or wool curtain fabric.

Polyester 115g is a typical flag fabric where the print is visible on both sides (back side looks mirrored). The material has a grammage of 115g and is printed using sublimation technology . A Fabric Privacy Screen made of polyester 115g looks very light and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The Fabric Privacy Screen is not 100% opaque. This makes the balcony appear more open and gives a different sense of space.

Polyester 210g is a Fabric Privacy Screen that is often used for the design of exhibition stands or as fabric banners in rooms. The material has a grammage and is also printed using sublimation technology. The print is only slightly reproduced on the reverse. The basic material is white and the colors appear strong and bright. A privacy screen balcony fabric made of polyester 210g is almost opaque and thanks to the matted surface, the fabric looks very elegant.

Woal curtain is a light curtain fabric with a grammage of 52g/m² and is very well suited as a privacy screen for balcony curtains or as an outdoor curtain. The Fabric Privacy Screen is also printed using sublimation technology.

A Fabric Privacy Screen can be used for a wide variety of privacy screens. There are no limits to the design of your balcony. Individually printed and made to your desired size, a fabric balcony privacy screen can be used in many different ways in the private sector or for your business. Polyester 115g and 210g is very suitable as a privacy screen on a balcony railing . If you have the Fabric Privacy Screen printed individually, you can create a very special atmosphere on your balcony. These fabrics are also ideal as side privacy screens. A privacy screen made of wool fabric is ideal as a balcony curtain or as an outdoor curtain. The light fabric creates an atmosphere of a thousand and one nights and you feel like you’re on vacation in the south.

Depending on the desired application, we can manufacture your Fabric Privacy Screen according to your specifications.

If you want to use the fabric as a privacy screen for your balcony railing, we recommend a peripheral hem with sewn-in trimmings and eyelets. As an outdoor curtain , a surrounding hem and additional eyelets on the upper side make sense. A sewn-in Velcro strap or carabiner are also not a challenge for us. If you would like to have your privacy screen balcony fabric individually designed and manufactured, simply contact us. We would be happy to inform you about the various options.

Outdoor curtains can be mounted on a rod, which is attached either to the ceiling or wall. It is important to choose a sturdy and durable rod that can withstand the weather conditions.

Your outdoor curtains should be sized to cover the desired area while being easy to open and close. Check the dimensions of your patio or balcony door and also take into account the space required for the bar.

Outdoor curtains should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and mildew. Hand washing or washing in a washing machine are good options. Avoid aggressive detergents and do not bleach the curtains.

Polyester is a common material for outdoor curtains because it is tough, easy to clean and durable.

Outdoor curtains we print according to your wishes in all colors and your desired motifs. You can send us your design, choose a motif from our selection, or commission us to create your graphic.

Outdoor curtains can be attached to the rod with hooks, eyelets or zippers. It is important that the mounting methods are sturdy and durable to ensure that the curtains remain secure in high winds or rain.

Cleaning outdoor curtains depends on the material used. Polyester curtains can be washed in the washing machine, while cotton or linen curtains should be hand washed or professionally cleaned. Avoid aggressive detergents and do not bleach the curtains.

It is important that outdoor curtains are made of a water and moisture repellent material to ensure that they can withstand the elements. Some curtains are also equipped with a water-repellent coating to ensure that they stay dry in the rain.

Outdoor curtains can be easily combined with other garden furniture to create a harmonious and stylish environment. Choose furniture in the same colors and styles as your curtains, and make sure they are the same style and material.

The basic material of our outdoor curtains is white. Depending on the background design in your motif, we print the curtains in the desired color.