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Outdoor curtain printing - balcony curtain for the perfect ambience

Summer is finally here and we can enjoy the great weather. What could be better than making yourself comfortable on the balcony. To create a special atmosphere on your balcony, outdoor curtains are just what you need. Balcony curtains will give you the right ambience depending on your mood. If you want to drink coffee undisturbed on your balcony, you can close the outdoor curtains. If you want to enjoy the sun, you can open the balcony curtains again. Also for playing children, a closed outdoor curtain can be a good protection from the sun.

If you have an outdoor curtain printed, you can not only set accents with it. The balcony curtain is also perfect for sun protection. You can open and close the curtain at will. If you want to enjoy the sun on your balcony, pull the curtain. If you are looking for a shady spot, draw the curtain. Outdoor curtain not only protects your balcony from the sun. With the curtain you can regulate the temperature in the living room. With the addition of sunscreen on your balcony, the space behind the balcony will have additional protection.

  • Excellent sun protection
  • Easy and quick to handle
  • Cheap purchase
  • Simple assembly

Is it worth having an outdoor curtain printed? We would like to answer this question in the following text. Having a balcony curtain custom printed has several advantages. You can design your balcony according to your wishes and do not need to compromise. You can design your own curtain and create your desired atmosphere. It will also make you stand out from the crowd and not have to rely on standard curtains.

  • Individual design options
  • No restriction in the choice of motifs
  • Individual confection possible
  • Wide range of different materials
  • Not a standard product

When designing your balcony curtain, you can choose between 4 materials.

Blackback polyester outdoor curtain is a textile with a black rubberized backing. The material is opaque. Are you looking for a curtain to create privacy, then Blackback is a good choice. Blackback polyester is also an excellent material for textile banners.

Polyester 115g is a lightweight fabric curtain. The pressure works on both sides. On the reverse side the motif is mirrored. Polyester 115g is not completely opaque. You can close your outdoor curtain and your balcony will not be completely darkened. The base material is white and can be printed all over. Polyester 115g has a good UV resistance.

Polyester 210g is a durable material. The base material is white and we can print your curtain all over. The print shows through slightly on the reverse. Polyester 210g is excellent for outdoor curtains. They create a good privacy screen and the material is UV resistant.

Outdoor curtains made of Woal textile are very light. The curtain fabric is excellent if you want to set light accents. A printed outdoor curtain made of Woal looks elegant and stylish. The material has a grammage of 52g/m².

We have a selection of standard fabrications for your outdoor curtain.

You can choose between the following options the confection.

For a curtain with saun and eyelets every 50cm, a trim tape is sewn into the hem. This serves as a reinforcement for the material. Thanks to the trim tape, the eyelets can not be easily torn out.

With a simple hem we fold the material and sew it with a seam. If you would like to hang your outdoor curtain on a pole, you can have the balcony curtain made with a hemstitch.

If you need a special fabrication for your outdoor curtain, this is also possible. Just talk to us. We will be happy to inform you about your options.

  • Hem with double safety seam
  • Hem and eyelets every 50cm
  • Hemstitch
  • Hemstitch with sewn cord

When you order your outdoor curtain from our store, you will receive it in a set of 2. If you need other quantity, please contact us. We will be happy to inform you about your options.