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Looking for a new way to spruce up your Balkon?

In our online store you will find great options! We offer a variety of balcony banners in different sizes and designs, so you can find the perfect banner for your home. And the order is very simple - How to order you will learn in the video!

Do you have a Balkon that needs some privacy?

Watch this video and learn how to install a privacy screen in minutes!

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balcony banner for your home

Everyone who is lucky enough to have a balcony to their apartment knows how great it is to enjoy the outdoors on beautiful days. To maintain privacy, a balcony banner made of PVC is the perfect solution. Another advantage of a balcony covering is noise reduction. How to buy your custom printed balcony covering and what to look for when buying, we explain in the following text.

Balkon Banner
Balkon Banner

PVC Frontlit is an excellent material for a balcony banner. For manufacturing we use only high quality coated material. PVC Frontlit has a grammage of 510g/m² and is printed by us using UV technology. We can make your balcony banner in any size and customize it according to your specifications. Depending on how you want to attach your balcony banner, we make your banner with hem and eyelets, or a tunnel.

There are no limits to the design of your banner. We recommend choosing a motif that integrates well with the look of the building. If you want a balcony banner with the motif to the inside of the balcony, it is best to choose a motif that fits the ambience of your balcony and will give you a lot of pleasure when looking at it. Very popular are nature motifs, such as forest or beach. For balcony banners, where the motif faces outward, stone wall motifs are very popular.

We print your balcony banner using UV technology. This digital printing process enables photo-realistic prints in the best quality. The inks are UV and weather resistant. Thus, you will enjoy your balcony banner for many years and will not have to replace it after a short time.

If you want to order a balcony banner from our store, it only takes a few steps. In the first step, select the desired material, such as PVC Frontlit. Then specify the desired size and select the appropriate confection. For a balcony banner attachment with cable ties, choose the confection hem and eyelets every 50cm. Now you can upload your desired motif, select a suitable motif from our gallery, or commission us to create the layout. Afterwards, add your balcony banner to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Here you can enter the delivery address and complete the purchase.

  • Choose material
  • Specify size and choose confection
  • Upload graphic file
  • Add order to shopping cart
  • Specify delivery address and complete purchase

In general, we check every graphic for feasibility. We check if the graphic is created in the proportions of the ordered balcony banner and the resolution is accordingly high. We do not check the content of the graphic (spelling…).