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Privacy mat balcony for your feel-good ambience

Especially on warm days we are happy if we have a balcony available. Apartments with a balcony are becoming increasingly popular. We use it to relax, to sunbathe or to grow vegetables and herbs in pots. In order to be able to feel really comfortable and to protect ourselves from the looks of others , a privacy screen for the balcony is just the right thing. This makes us feel safe and allows us to completely switch off and relax. If you want to buy a balcony privacy screen, you can choose between countless materials and designs.

If you would like to order a privacy screen for your balcony and have it printed, you will find a selection of different materials in our online shop. Your balcony privacy mat can be made of PVC tarpaulin or polyester material . If you are looking for a balcony privacy screen made of a wind-permeable material, a mesh tarpaulin (grid structure) is the right choice. The mesh balcony privacy mat offers enough privacy and yet wind can blow through the tarpaulin. Thus, the wind load is reduced and the privacy screen is not exposed to such high loads as other mats. This can be a great advantage, especially in windy places such as near the coast. If you want to print a balcony privacy mat on both sides , our blockout is the right material. Thanks to a middle barrier layer, the mat can be individually printed on each side without the motif showing through on the other side. A balcony privacy mat made of light polyester material has the advantage that you can machine wash the privacy mat if necessary. This is a very big advantage, especially in big cities on busy streets, so that you always feel comfortable on your balcony and your privacy mat always shines in bright colors.

If you use your balcony to park your bike, you will most likely not need a privacy mat. However, if you use your balcony as an oasis of well-being, a privacy mat can create a special flair and be printed with your desired motif , give your balcony privacy mat your own charm. A privacy mat with a desired motif is also an excellent opportunity for companies to place advertising and create a professional signpost. Since a privacy mat can not only be attached to a balcony, it also serves as a great design option on terraces for beach cafes, on fences of beer gardens, or as a decorative element in beach bars.

Since there are balconies in many different variants and sizes, you can freely choose the size of your privacy screen in our shop. So you get the mat exactly the size you need it. This saves you subsequent work and the privacy mat can be easily stretched and is therefore perfectly adapted to your needs. You simply enter the desired dimensions of your privacy screen and select the desired type of attachment. We then manufacture the privacy screen according to your specifications. If you do not want a rectangular shape and prefer a special contour for your privacy mat, simply contact us. We would also be happy to manufacture special shapes for you.

You can have your balcony privacy mat printed with any motif you like. In our motif database you will find a selection of images that we can print for you. You can also create your own motif with the help of an image editing program. If you are unable to create a motif, you can commission us to order the graphics. Simply send us your wishes for how you imagine your balcony privacy screen and we will create the right print file for you.