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Balcony privacy screen

Privacy Fence – Combining design and benefit together

Privacy Fence – Combining design and benefit together

Whether in the countryside or the big city, we encounter buildings with balconies everywhere. Whoever has an apartment with a balcony has usually learned to appreciate and love it very much. Especially on warm summer days and evenings, a comfortably designed terrace can invite you to linger and relax. A fence privacy screen is indispensable to create a pleasant atmosphere and prevent curious glances of neighbors or passers-by.

Which material is suitable for fence privacy screens?

If you want to buy fence privacy screen, you can choose between a wide variety of materials. The privacy fence is made of natural materials such as bamboo privacy mats. These natural privacy screen ideas create a natural and warm atmosphere, but they are not very durable in year-round weather conditions. The low purchase price and warm natural look make the balcony privacy screen made of bamboo one of the most popular privacy screen solutions.

In addition to natural materials, fence privacy screens made of artificial fibers have become more and more popular in recent years. Very popular here is the PVC tarpaulin. The fence privacy screen is robust and tailored precisely to your needs. Especially if you want a balcony privacy screen to run over several sides, individual production of the attachment point is very advantageous. Because you can have the fence screen printed according to your ideas, the fence screen made of PVC tarpaulin is beautiful.

Alternatively to the PVC tarpaulin, a fence screen made of mesh is also very popular. This perforated fence privacy screen is wind-permeable. This can provide a more relaxed atmosphere, especially on sweltering days. On the other hand, any wind loads on the parapet are minimized.

If you are looking for a fence privacy screen that can be individually printed on both sides, then our fence privacy screen tarpaulin made of Blockout is the best choice. The material has a black central barrier layer, which prevents the two graphics from mixing on the opposite side. This allows you to match your fence privacy screen to the look of your facade from the outside and print a beach motif, mountain landscape, or any other motif on the inside.

If you do not want a fence privacy screen as a balcony banner, a privacy screen as an aluminum composite panel or made of rigid foam can be the right solution for you. The panels can also be printed according to your specifications and cut into any shape.

If you prefer a lightweight fabric as a fence privacy screen, a balcony banner made of polyester is the right choice for you. The print on polyester 115g is shown on both sides, mirrored on the back. The lightweight material is popularly used as a flag or fabric banner.

No matter which material you choose, your fence privacy screen with your desired motif will inspire you and give you a lot of pleasure.

Are there other privacy screen solutions with your desired motif?

Besides the typical fence privacy screen, other solutions exist for different situations. If your balcony is not closed on the side by a wall, an aside fence privacy screen can protect you from the prying eyes of your neighbors. If you want to have a side fence privacy screen printed, you can choose between different materials made of polyester. Polyester 210 or a lightweight Woal curtain fabric are popular here.

For whom is a fence privacy helpful screen?

A fence privacy screen with an individual print motif is generally helpful for anyone who has a balcony. The privacy screen creates the atmosphere you want. The materials are sturdy, durable, and designed according to your wishes. Thanks to the low purchase price, the privacy screen is suitable both for you as a private person and company. A fence privacy screen printed with your company logo and slogan can make a fence privacy screen an excellent advertising space for your company and show potential customers the way.

Can I install a fence privacy screen as a tenant?

If you are a tenant of an apartment with a fence, you can generally install a fence privacy screen without asking your landlord in advance. However, it is recommended that you do not install the fence privacy screen above the parapet height. You should also make sure that you install the fence privacy screen to be removed without leaving any residue.

If, for example, you decide to install a fence privacy screen on the side and you need to drill holes in the facade, we recommend that you discuss this with your landlord in advance.

No matter which fence screen variant you choose, we can always answer your questions or concerns. If you need a fence privacy screen as a particular solution for your fence, please contact us. We will check the feasibility together with you.

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