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Deckchairs printed with motif of your choice

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    Printing deck chairs is becoming more and more popular. Whether in gastronomy, in the event area, or as a great gift idea for the family or among friends, a personalized deck chair always causes enthusiasm. Designing deck chairs and having them printed with your company logo combines several advantages. In this way, you can place targeted advertising for a large number of highly frequented places and offer potential customers a comfortable place to sit. Or you can design deck chairs with family photos and have a very personal gift made for your loved ones.

    Have deck chairs printed – with what technology?

    We will print your desired motif on your lounge chair using photo-realistic sublimation technology. This digital printing process is ideal for deck chair printing. The inks are evaporated into the material to be printed. This makes the print abrasion-resistant and machine washable if necessary. You can have your deck chair printed and use for indoor and outdoor. The prints are very UV and weather resistant. The fabric can be removed from the frame very quickly and easily, which can be a great advantage, especially for beach cafes and beach bars. The motif can be changed at any time as you wish. When we print your deck chair, the colors will appear very strong and bright and the contours will be very sharp. You can use images, logos or photos for your lounge chair design and you don’t have to worry about the result. We print your deckchairs in the best quality that will inspire you.

    Have deck chairs printed by means of sublimation – all advantages at a glance

    • High definition photorealistic print
    • Abrasion-proof print
    • Material machine washable
    • Strong colors and rich contours
    • UV and weather resistance

    Which types can I order?

    If you would like to have deck chairs printed, you can choose between two variants in our shop. The deck chair for one person is very popular with many customers from the private sector and our business customers. The beech frame is very robust and weather-resistant. The lounger has a 3-way adjustment and the printed fabric can be quickly and easily assembled or removed. The chair can be loaded up to 110kg and the print is washable. If you don’t need the loungers, they can be folded up and stacked to save space.

    Printing a deckchair for one person – advantages at a glance

    • Printable in photorealistic quality
    • Loadable up to 110kg
    • Sturdy beech frame
    • Print on robust decorative fabric
    • Fabric easily removable and washable
    • High weather resistance
    • 3-way adjustable
    • Collapsible to save space

    If you would like to have deckchairs printed that can accommodate two people, you will also find what you are looking for in our shop. The deck chair is a real eye-catcher and with your desired motif it becomes a unique piece according to your ideas. This deck chair is particularly popular with couples and in beach bars. These deckchairs are also very popular with families with children. If you have the deckchairs printed, you can use them, like deckchairs for one person, both indoors and outdoors, for example on your terrace or in the garden. The deckchairs can be loaded up to 160kg.

    Printing deckchairs for two people – advantages at a glance

    • Printable in photorealistic quality
    • Print on robust decorative fabric
    • Loadable up to 160kg
    • Sturdy beech frame
    • Fabric easily removable and washable
    • High weather resistance
    • 3-way adjustable
    • Collapsible to save space

    What material is used?

    When we print your deckchairs, we use high-strength and very robust decorative polyester with a grammage of 240g/m². The frame is made of beech wood. Thanks to their high-quality workmanship, the deck chairs are very durable both indoors and outdoors. The sun loungers are very UV and weather resistant and can sometimes be left out in the rain. Since the print is not pre-assembled to the frame, the fabric can be removed, washed or exchanged as you wish. We would also be happy to print just the fabric for you if you have already bought a frame.

    How do I create the print file?

    In order for us to be able to print your deck chair, we need your desired motif. You can create the file in an image editing program. It is best for the result if the file is created in the proportions of the fabric size. We have created a print file template for you to create the file, which you can use to create the motif. If you would like to have deckchairs printed but have no way of creating the print file, you can commission us to do it. We offer you a layout service , where we create your desired motif according to your ideas. You just send us the desired logos, text and photos and a few pieces of information and we will create your print file. You can have your deckchairs printed with us and you don’t have to worry about anything and we’ll take care of everything for you.

    How is the order made?

    If you would like to have deck chairs printed in our online shop, ordering is child’s play. After just a few clicks you have entered your order and we will immediately start manufacturing your deck chairs. You select the type and then remove the required quantity. Now all you have to do is go to the checkout and enter your delivery address and select the payment method and the ordering process is complete. You can upload your file directly in the product, or email it to us. Before we print your deckchairs, we check your print file. If our work preparation notices something about your motif, we will contact you before printing.

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    Reclining chair printing 10 frequently asked questions

    Do you want to enjoy outdoor relaxation in style? Then get your own personalized deck chair printed with your favorite images and designs! Our custom recliners are the perfect way to express yourself while enjoying the fresh air, sun or cool breeze. They not only look great, but are also comfortable and made of durable materials. Plus, our recliners come with 10 frequently asked questions to make sure you know exactly how to care for and maintain your recliner.

    You can have recliners printed by contacting a printing company or promotional products supplier that specializes in printing on furniture. Many suppliers have online configurators that allow you to easily upload and customize the design of your printed recliner.

    Most printed recliners are made of sturdy materials like aluminum or wood with durable textile fabric. This material is durable, weather resistant and well suited for printing logos or other designs.

    The cost of printed deck chairs varies depending on the material, design and order quantity.

    The most common printing techniques for deck chairs are screen printing or digital printing. Both techniques provide good results and are durable.

    1. Yes, many printed deck chair suppliers also offer small order quantities. You can also order single pieces, although the cost per piece is usually higher than for larger orders.

    Most printers offer a wide range of colors. However, it is important that the inks adhere well to the material and are durable. An experienced supplier can help you choose the right colors.

    The production time depends on the order quantity and the chosen printing method. However, it usually takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the recliners to be printed and delivered.

    Yes, most printed recliner suppliers accept custom designs. You can upload and customize your own logo or design.

    Yes, printed deck chairs are usually durable and washable

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