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Photo curtains with motif of your choice

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    Design and print curtains yourself

    Photo curtains with desired motif: curtains have a great impact on the effect of a room. A room without curtains can quickly look bare and empty. Also, the acoustics in the room will be more pleasant once curtains hang on the windows. To be able to create a perfect ambience for your rooms, self-designed photo curtains are an excellent solution.

    Where do photo curtains and photo curtains find their use?

    Photo curtains, or photo curtains find their justification in many areas. Thanks to the possibility of individual design, photo curtains can provide accents in any room. Individual photo curtains are especially popular in children’s rooms. When you have photo curtains printed with your child’s favorite hero, you become your child’s superhero. In restaurants, photo curtains provide an individual charm and create a cozy atmosphere. Custom printed photo curtains are also an excellent decoration option for your company in the meeting room or entrance area. The curtains look Elegant and stylish and convey professionalism. Photo curtains are especially suitable for the design of exhibition stands. You are already perceived from a great distance and associated with your company.


    Possible applications at a glance

    • Individual design of children’s rooms
    • Perfect ambience in cafes and restaurants & hotels
    • Professional effect in companies
    • Customized design of exhibition stands
    • Brand loyalty in stores and department stores

    What material do I choose for my photo curtains?

    If you want to order photo curtains, you can choose between different materials. For photo curtains in hotels and restaurants we recommend Woal, or polyester 115g.

    Woal photo curtains

    Woal is a light curtain fabric with 52g/m². The light fabric looks light as a photo curtain and does not make the room look too dark. The print is visible on both sides (mirrored on the back). The base material is white and can be printed in any color. Polyester 115g is slightly more tightly woven than Woal.

    Polyester curtains 115g

    Polyester 115g is excellent for photo curtains, which should not look too heavy. Do you want photo curtains, which are almost opaque when closed?

    Polyester photo curtains 210

    For opaque curtains we recommend polyester 210g. The sturdy polyester material looks elegant and very high quality. The print is faintly visible on the reverse. The base material is like Woal and Polyester 115g white and can be printed as you like.

    Blackback polyester curtains

    Do you want opaque curtains, which when closed completely darken the room? For this variant of photo curtain we recommend blackback polyester. The material is coated with a black rubber coating on the back. Thanks to this processing, the material is absolutely opaque.

    All materials at a glance:

    • Lightweight Woal curtain fabric
    • Loose polyester 115g textile
    • Polyester 210 for elegant curtains
    • Blackback polyester for opaque curtains

    Can I machine wash photo curtains?

    Except for Blackback polyester, all photo curtains can be machine washed without hesitation. The curtains are best washed with gentle means at 30 degrees. We print the photo curtains using sublimation technology. In this process, the inks are vaporized into the fabric. This anchors the prints in the fabric, making them abrasion resistant and washable.

    How do I design my photo curtain?

    For your photo curtains with your desired motif, you can choose a graphic on our gallery. We have compiled for you a selection of different motifs in different categories. Should you choose your own motif for your photo curtain? No problem! You are welcome to upload your own graphic in the order, or send it to us by email. For the creation of your print file, we recommend the use of an image editing program. In order for us to print your photo curtains in perfect quality, we need the graphic in the size of the curtain. The resolution should be between 150-250dpi.

    How are the photo curtains made up?

    For your photo curtains, we have provided a selection of different confections. Depending on how you want to hang your curtains, you can choose between hem and eyelets, tunnel, or carabiner. If you need special sewing for your photo curtains, please contact us. We will be happy to check the possibilities with you and advise you on special solutions.

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