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Lounge furniture balcony trends 2023

What seating furniture will be in style in 2023?

Lounge furniture balcony: Custom printed balcony lounge furniture balcony have been very popular for years. Thanks to the free design options, seating furniture with desired motif is the perfect solution for your balcony design. Also in 2023 lounge furniture balcony for many people will be an excellent choice for their balcony. Find out which trends you can look forward to in the following article.

Deckchair trends 2023


Individual printed deck chairs are still the order of the day in 2023. The comfortable deck chair with your desired motif is not only a great gift idea. Also as an eye catcher on your balcony, the deck chair serves as an excellent lounge furniture. Thanks to the adjustable backrest, you will feel like you are on vacation in your recliner. Lounge furniture balcony in the form of deck chairs, we offer in two variants.

You can buy your recliner for one person, or as a two-seater recliner in our online store. There are no limits to the design of the deck chair and you can be completely free in the creation of graphics. The durable fabric is UV and weather resistant and can be washed if necessary. Photo-realistic print will delight you and make your balcony shine anew.

In 2023, deck chairs with personal photos and landscape motifs will be popular. Our customers are discovering more and more the benefits of creating your own balcony with personalized lounge furniture. Especially in combination with a self-designed balcony privacy screen, it is excellent to create a perfect feel-good atmosphere.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Individually printable
  • Photorealistic print
  • Individual design possibility
  • Removable cover
  • Machine washable
  • Backrest 3-position adjustable

Seat cube as a trendsetter in 2023


Individual printed seat cubesare perfect as lounge furniture balcony. They can serve as a decorative element to existing lounge furniture, or even as a seat, or in combination with a deck chair as a footrest wonderfully used. You can customize each side of the seat cube. Thus, you can perfectly combine utility and design for your balcony.

The cover is provided with a zipper and can be changed if necessary, or washed. The foam core provides a pleasant seating comfort. When not in use, the seat cube can be placed in a corner to save space. A lounge furniture balcony in the form of a seat cube is also an excellent gift idea.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Photorealistic print
  • Individual design possibility
  • Sturdy polyester cover with zipper
  • 6 pages individually printable
  • Cover machine washable

Beanbags still on trend in 2023

Lounge Möbel Balkon

When you Bean bags as lounge furniture balcony, you will not only create a particularly inviting atmosphere. A custom printed beanbag is a very comfortable and cozy way to relax and unwind. Thanks to the individual design, you create exactly the atmosphere you want on your balcony. The cover has a zipper and can be washed. The filling allows for a pleasant seating comfort.

Bean bags as lounge furniture balcony, we offer in 2 sizes. You can use the smaller beanbag very well as an optional seat to your existing lounge furniture, or for your children to relax on. The larger version is perfect to use as lounge furniture, or as additional seating to your existing furniture.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Photorealistic print
  • Robust polyester material
  • Individual design possibility
  • Cover washable
  • Comfortable granules filling

Decorative cushions also popular in 2023 as decoration for lounge furniture balcony

Lounge Möbel Balkon

You already have lounge furniture on your balcony and want to set additional accents, then our custom printable decorative pillows are just the thing. We offer the pillows in two sizes. Especially on outdoor sofas and rattan furniture look the decorative cushions with your desired motif perfectly. So you can set accents exactly according to your wishes and design your balcony according to your wishes. The pillows are printed according to your wishes and sent including filling. Thanks to the personalization, the pillows are also excellent as a gift idea.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Individual design possibility
  • Photorealistic print
  • Cover removable and washable
  • Various sizes available

Also in 2023 we offer great concepts for you as loung furniture balcony. In combination with curtains and balcony privacy solutions, there are no limits to the design of your balcony. All products can be designed and printed by you as you like. If you need special solutions for your balcony, we will be there for you in 2023, as usual, with advice and support.

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