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Catering furniture with desired motif

Catering furniture: Individually printed furniture is always very popular in the catering trade. Especially in outdoor catering, catering furniture such as deck chairs , cube seats and bean bags with an individual design are very popular and look professional and elegant. Thanks to the personalized prints, the gastro furniture creates a uniform image that integrates perfectly into the ambience of the catering facility. The comfortable seating invites you to linger and your guests will want to order and eat more. A comfortable deck chair in a pleasant catering environment can quickly increase the number of drinks per head and one drink quickly turns into several.

Where is personalized catering furniture used?

Having gastro furniture individually printed can lead to impressive results when designing the premises or the outdoor area. Their design conveys an inviting atmosphere and signals professionalism.

Bean bags with desired motif

A beanbag with your design can be used both indoors and outdoors. If the beanbag is colorfully printed and placed in the children’s corner, children can snuggle up and play or read and the parents can take advantage of what you have to offer and enjoy your delicacies. The fabric is easily removable and machine washable. The cover is made of robust decorative polyester and has a zipper. But also in a beach bar or a lounge, individually printed beanbags can become an eye-catcher and invite you to linger.

Deckchairs individually printed

The classic as catering furniture with desired motif are the deck chairs. If you run a beer garden, run a beach café, or have a beach bar, having deck chairs printed is a fantastic solution. The deckchairs are super comfortable and thanks to the ergonomic seating position, you are very happy to stay seated longer. With printed deck chairs, the ambience in the outdoor gastronomy is very cozy and comfortable. The cover can be easily removed and machine washed if necessary, or replaced as desired. If you want to put the loungers in after the season, they can be folded up and stacked to save space. The deckchair can be loaded up to 110kg. The print is made on a very robust decorative polyester. The fabric impresses with its quality and the photo-realistic print makes the deck chair irreplaceable gastro furniture.

Personalized seating cubes

The seat cube is ideal as a decorative element and at the same time as a seat. Thanks to the 6 sides, there are a wide variety of design options. The removable cover made of decorative polyester is washable and replaceable. The foam core stays in shape very well and offers a very comfortable sitting position.

Custom printed decorative cushions

The decorative cushions with your desired motif serve as an accessory for your catering furniture and when placed correctly, they become an absolute eye-catcher. The cushions are available in the sizes 37cm x 37cm and 47cm x 47cm. They can be used as a decorative element or as a seat cushion on other catering furniture. The matt satin fabric looks very high quality and very elegant. The material feels very comfortable and the photorealistic print is convincing in terms of quality.

How are our products printed?

We print the fabrics for the catering furniture using sublimation technology. The inks are evaporated into the fabric. On the one hand, the inks are very UV and weather-resistant and abrasion-resistant. For printing, create your motif using the respective template. If you do not have the possibility of creating a print file, we would be happy to offer you our layout service and we will create the desired file according to your specifications. If you already own one of our catering furniture and only need a copy, this is not a problem. We would also be happy to offer you just the print.

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