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fence privacy screen

Fence privacy screen – decoration and advertising space

Fence privacy protection: Fences are a common way to mark property boundaries and to prevent unauthorized access to your own property. They can be made of a wide variety of materials and shapes and can take on different functions. For example, metal site fences are an excellent way to create temporary property fencing such as construction sites. Site fences can be used on the move and are quickly assembled and dismantled. Other fences such as a typical wire mesh fence, hunter’s fence, or slat fence are used for the permanent fencing of properties. The fences can be painted in color or individually designed with a fence privacy screen . A fence privacy screen can protect you from prying eyes from the neighbors, or printed with a beach motif, create a very special atmosphere as a background landscape for your pool. Furthermore, fences offer a very large potential advertising space for your company. A fence privacy screen can serve as a signpost to your company or act as an information carrier for potential customers.

What material for my privacy fence?

In our shop we offer you fence privacy screens made of different materials with different properties. Below you will find the relevant information and advantages of each material for your privacy fence.

  • Mesh tarpaulin privacy screen

If you are looking for a privacy screen for your fence that is wind-permeable, our mesh material is the right choice for you. The mesh material is perforated and the wind can blow through the holes. The wind permeability is a great advantage, especially in windy places such as by the sea, or for a privacy fence that is to be mounted on a not very stable fence. The fence privacy screen made of mesh has a grammage of 270g/m² and is printed by us using solvent technology according to your specifications. The print is very UV and weather resistant and therefore very durable.

  • Screen made of frontlit PVC tarpaulin

Having a frontlit fence screen printed is a very good choice if you want an opaque screen. The full tarpaulin made of PVC has a grammage of 500g/m² and is printed using UV technology. Thanks to the smooth, closed surface, the pressure is very strong and intense.

  • Screen made of blockout material

If you are looking for a fence screen that you can design and print on both sides, Blockout is the perfect choice. The PVC tarpaulin with a grammage of 650g is coated on both sides and can be designed with different motifs on each side. The blockout material has a middle black barrier layer which prevents show through on the other side. You can have the fence privacy screen printed on both sides and the motifs don’t get mixed up.

Fence privacy screen as a decorative element

If you do not have a pleasant view from behind your terrace and have to look directly at the neighbor’s dung heap, a fence can be an optimal solution for you. A privacy screen made of blockout, for example, is absolutely opaque and printed with your desired motif, create a completely different perspective in your garden. Or if you have set up a pool in the garden , but the adjacent building rear wall of an old garage disturbs the ambience, a fence privacy screen as a large format banner can create new possibilities and a banner printed with a landscape image can create an oasis of well-being.

Fence privacy screen for commercial purposes

The fence in front of your company offers a very large advertising space . Regardless of whether you want to use a fence privacy screen as a signpost to your parking lot behind the building, or as an information carrier for your company, the high-quality print will inspire you and reflect a quality feature for your company. Banners are very popular as fence privacy screens , especially on site fences. On the one hand, they prevent dust from the construction site from bothering neighbors and passers-by and, on the other hand, they offer enormous advertising space for pedestrians and drivers. A fence privacy screen with your advertising message is a very effective advertising medium, especially in large cities on busy streets and squares.

How can I attach the fence privacy screen?

In order to be able to attach a fence screen quickly and easily, most of our customers order the screen with a surrounding hem and eyelets every 50cm. The fence privacy screen can be easily attached to the fence with cable ties . If you are looking for a privacy screen for scaffolding , we recommend having it finished with a hemstitch at the top and bottom. So you can use the horizontal scaffolding poles for the privacy screen attachment. If you need a special packaging for your privacy fence, simply contact us. We would be happy to examine the options with you and find the right type of attachment for your fence privacy screen.

Order fence privacy screen conveniently online

You can order your fence privacy screen in our online shop from the comfort of your own home or office. You just select the desired material and enter the required size. Then select the desired quantity and packaging and you can put your fence privacy screen in the shopping cart. You can upload the file directly in the product or send it to us by email. In the shopping cart on the way to the checkout, enter your desired delivery and billing address and then you can complete the purchase. Our work preparation checks your file before printing and then we start production immediately. You can schedule a week for production and shipping.

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