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5 ideas balcony privacy screen high perfect design and installation

Balkon Sichtschutz Ideen Qualität die begeistert
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    Order balcony privacy screen high in desired size with us online. A balcony is a place of relaxation and serves as a retreat. But many balconies are designed in such a way that they are exposed to the neighbor or the street. To protect your privacy and make your balcony a cozy retreat, a balcony privacy screen high is a great solution. Insbesondere ein hoher Balkon Sichtschutz bietet Ihnen den nötigen Schutz vor unerwünschten Blicken und ermöglicht es Ihnen, ungestört zu entspannen.
    There are several types of Balcony privacy screen ideas, such as balcony surrounds, privacy films, balcony awnings, bamboo mats or trellis. The choice of privacy screen material depends on your personal preferences and requirements. Do you want a permanent or removable privacy screen? Do you want a natural or modern look? Do you want protection from wind and sun or just from prying eyes? Do you want to make your balcony privacy screen high? These are important questions to ask yourself before buying a balcony privacy screen high.
    The size of the privacy screen is also of great importance. For optimal privacy, the privacy screen should be at least as high as the parapet of the balcony. For optimal coverage, it is recommended to choose the balcony privacy screen high higher than the parapet, provided that you can fix the balcony privacy screen high. A high privacy screen also provides protection from wind and sun. Especially if your balcony is on the upper floor, a high privacy screen can reduce airflow and protect the balcony from gusts of wind. Even for an open balcony, a balcony privacy screen can be mounted high and protect you from prying eyes from the side.

    Balkon Sichtschutz hoch

    What material for your high balcony privacy screen?

    The material quality of the balcony privacy screen high is another important criterion in the selection. A high quality privacy screen is more durable and resistant to weather conditions. If you prefer a removable balcony privacy screen high, it should be easy to attach and remove. Eine Balkonumrandung kann in der Regel einfach mit Kabelbindern an der Brüstung befestigt werden, während Sichtschutzfolien nur auf Platten als Deko verklebt werden können. In our store you will find the right material for your high balcony privacy screen for every application

    In addition to functionality, the color selection of the balcony privacy screen is also highly important. A harmonious choice of colors can help you relax and visually enhance your balcony. A natural color choice like green, brown or beige goes well with a natural privacy screen material like bamboo or rank lattice. However, if you prefer a modern look, you can also choose a balcony privacy screen high in a bold color. You can also design and print balcony privacy screen high with us. We print your balcony privacy screen high according to your requirements.

    Typical materials at a glance

    • Frontlit PVC
    • Mesh net grid
    • Blockout for double-sided printing
    • Polyester 115g (flag fabric)
    • Polyester 210g fabric banner
    Balkon Sichtschutz polyester 115
    Balkon Sichtschutz hoch

    Individual balcony privacy screen high: order desired motif and size

    If you want to turn your balcony into a private oasis, a balcony privacy screen high is an excellent choice. With a balcony privacy screen high, you can block unwanted views from neighbors and passers-by while protecting your privacy. If you are looking for an individual and unique design for your balcony privacy screen high, you can now order a privacy screen with your desired motif and in your desired size.

    Balcony privacy screen with personal touch: design your own privacy screen

    There are many different options for balcony privacy screen high. You can choose from different materials such as fabric, plastic and metal. With an individual desired motif, you can ensure that your balcony privacy screen high perfectly fits your personal style and living space.

    Balkon Sichtschutz hoch

    Privacy on the balcony: privacy screen in individual size and design

    To order a balcony privacy screen high with desired motif and size, you must first select the desired motif. You can upload your own photo or choose from a variety of pre-made designs. After that you need to specify the desired size. Measure your balcony carefully to make sure your privacy screen fits perfectly.

    Unique balcony privacy screen: choose your desired motif and size

    Once you place your order, your custom balcony privacy screen will be made especially for you. The privacy screen will then be printed in the size you specify and with the motif you select. Within a few days you can receive your individual balcony privacy screen and install it on your balcony.

    Balkon Sichtschutz hoch

    Personalized balcony privacy screen: make your balcony a personalized retreat

    With a custom balcony privacy screen high, you can design your outdoor areas the way you want. Whether you choose a subtle design or an eye-catching pattern, with a balcony privacy screen with your desired motif and size, you have full control over the look of your balcony. Order today and make your balcony a cozy and private place!

    Large selection of motifs in our store

    In summary, a balcony privacy screen high is an important element of the balcony decor. A high privacy screen not only offers you protection from prying eyes, but can also protect you from wind and sun. When choosing a privacy screen material, you should pay attention to your personal preferences and requirements. Our online store offers you a wide range of graphics. This way you can set individual accents.

    Another important factor in the selection of the balcony privacy screen high is safety. The privacy screen should be stable and securely attached to the parapet to prevent it from falling. Particularly in strong winds or storms, inadequately secured privacy screens can pose a hazard. It is therefore important to ensure that the privacy screen is properly installed and secured.

    Balkon Sichtschutz Ideen Qualität die begeistert

    Balcony privacy screen high care and maintenance

    When choosing privacy screen material, you should also pay attention to the care and maintenance requirements. Some materials require regular maintenance, such as wood, which needs to be painted every few years. Other materials are easy to clean and require only occasional cleaning. Easy cleaning can help the privacy screen last and look good for a long time.

    If you decide to buy a balcony privacy screen, you should also consider the legal aspects. Some apartment complexes may not allow certain privacy screens or colors. Therefore, before buying the balcony privacy screen high, find out the rules and regulations of your housing complex or municipality. It may also be a good idea to consult with your neighbors, especially if you share a balcony or the privacy screen could affect their view as well.


    In conclusion, a balcony privacy screen high is a great way to protect your privacy on the balcony and create a cozy retreat. Choose the material and size of the balcony privacy screen highly carefully to ensure that it meets your requirements and is also safe and durable. Pay attention to the legal aspects and, if necessary, consult with your neighbors to avoid conflicts. A well-chosen balcony privacy screen high can help you enjoy your balcony even more.

    FAQs answered: Everything you need to know about balcony privacy screen high!

    The maximum allowable height for a balcony privacy screen depends on local building codes. As a rule, privacy screens on balconies are allowed up to a height of 1.50 m or 1.80 m. However, it is advisable to check local building codes before purchasing and installing the privacy screen.

    Yes, a privacy screen on the balcony is usually allowed. However, it is advisable to check local building codes before installing the privacy screen, as there may be restrictions in some cities and towns.

    There are several ways to make your balcony opaque. These include privacy screens, plants, blinds, shades or curtains. Choosing the appropriate method depends on your personal preferences, available space and budget.

    For balconies exposed to strong winds, robust and wind-permeable materials such as PVC fabric or plastic slats are recommended. Climbing plants can also be a good option, as they resist the wind better and at the same time provide a natural look.

    The cheapest privacy screen for the balcony is often a simple fabric or plastic film, which can be attached to a frame. However, there are also inexpensive options made of bamboo, reeds or willow. The choice depends on your individual preferences and budget.

    There are many different ways to create a privacy screen for the balcony, including fabrics, plastic films, blinds, roller blinds, slats, lattices, plants or even wooden or metal walls. Which method is best depends on your individual preferences, available space and budget.

    A privacy screen made of durable materials such as aluminum, wood or stainless steel can last the longest, depending on care and weather conditions. PVC fabric or plastic slats are also sturdy options that can last a long time. However, it is important to note that the durability of the privacy screen also depends on the quality of the material, installation and maintenance. A professionally installed and well-maintained privacy screen can last for many years, while an inferior or poorly installed privacy screen may need to be replaced sooner. So it pays to invest in a high-quality product and maintain it regularly to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

    It depends on the type of privacy screen, size and material. However, as a rule, privacy screens can be purchased for as little as a few hundred euros.

    It depends on the type of material and care. Wooden privacy screens typically last about 10 to 20 years, while artificial privacy solutions such as fences or trellises can last longer.

    By choosing a sturdy material such as wood or metal, the privacy screen can be protected from the wind. Alternatively, plantings such as dense hedges or shrubs can protect against wind.

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