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Create print file yourself

Create print file yourself

How do I build my own motif?

Anyone who wants to have a balcony privacy screen printed will probably sooner or later deal with the issue of print file creation. If you don’t deal with printing on a daily basis, the question arises as to how you actually create a print file yourself? In the following text we will show you how you can quickly and easily create your own print motifs using suitable means.

Which program do I use to create print files?

In order to be able to create a print file for your balcony privacy screen, you need an image editing program. Gimp , for example, can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. Photoshop or Illustrator are other programs. However, these are licensed and there are costs involved in purchasing them. PowerPoint or Word are not suitable for the creation, since you can only set the proportions to a limited extent and the resolution is very low.

How do I create a print file?

If you want to create a motif, first create a layer of the required size. Depending on the size of the privacy screen you need, the file should also be created in this size. If you decide to create the file in a scale, please make sure to choose a correspondingly higher resolution. If you choose a scale of 1_10, please also use a 10x higher resolution. On a 1:1 scale, the resolution should be between 150-300dpi. Once you have created the empty layer, you can now set the background on it. You can then insert logos, images or text and place them as you wish. Please make sure that you leave about 5cm free around the edge, as this area will later be needed for the hem and eyelets and you don’t want your elements to be disturbed. When you are finished with your design, save your file as a PDF, jpg, or tiff.

How should colors be created in the file?

You should create the colors in the background or in your graphic elements in the CMYK color space, as the print is also in this color space and there can be no color differences. If your file contains rgb colors, we automatically convert them to CMYK before printing, which may result in color differences between the file and the print.

Is the file checked before printing?

If you have created your file but are not sure whether it is suitable for printing, that is not a problem. Our work preparation checks every file before printing and if we notice anything, we will inform you immediately and wait with the production. You are also welcome to send us your motif in advance of an order and we will check the feasibility of an order in advance.

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