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The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger and the birds are starting to chirp. As spring awakens, we are driven outside. Many people are already starting to plan the design of their garden, terrace or balcony. So that you can enjoy the beautiful weather in spring, summer and autumn undisturbed, a suitable privacy screen is a perfect solution. A privacy screen not only protects you from prying eyes from neighbors and passers-by. You can buy a privacy screen from us and have it printed according to your wishes. So you can use a privacy screen for your balcony or garden perfectly for creative applications. A privacy screen is also ideal as a pool border, for example.

Which material is suitable for my privacy screen?

If you are planning to buy a privacy screen, you can choose between different types and materials. Depending on the situation and requirements, you can have your privacy screen made of different materials with different properties.

Mesh privacy screen (mesh tarpaulin)

A mesh privacy screen is a perforated PVC tarpaulin with a grammage of 270g/m². The material with many small holes is perfect for very windy places. Thanks to the wind permeability of the privacy screen, the wind load (sail effect) is minimized. A mesh screen is often used for fence banners or as a balcony tarpaulin . Mesh is also often used as a site fence banner as a privacy screen for construction sites . In addition to the functional effect, the site fence banners also offer a large advertising space . The privacy screen can also be used as an advertising and information medium and set up in heavily frequented places. Mesh is also very popular as a privacy screen on the balcony. The material allows the wind to circulate and minimizes wind loads on the parapet.

Frontlit privacy screen (full tarpaulin)

A frontlit privacy screen is a PVC tarpaulin with a closed surface and a grammage of 500g/m². The privacy tarpaulin is very robust and opaque. The frontlit privacy screen is preferably used on balconies, as fence banners or as advertising banners for site fences . Thanks to the coated surface, the print is very strong and the colors are very intense. In this way, your privacy screen printed with your desired motif is perceived as something special from afar and you create a unique selling point. A frontlit tarpaulin is particularly suitable if you want to use a privacy screen for advertising purposes or as a decorative element.

Blockout privacy screen (printed on both sides)

If you want to buy a privacy screen that you want to design and print on both sides, a blockout tarpaulin is the ideal choice. The very robust tarpaulin with a grammage of 650g/m² has a black barrier layer in the middle as the core. Thanks to this special feature, you can have your privacy screen individually printed on both sides . Each graphic will not show through and blend with the other graphic on the opposite side. This feature gives you the opportunity to have your privacy screen on the balcony printed on the outside with a motif that matches the façade, and you can create a holiday mood on the inside with a beach motif, for example.

If you are looking for other privacy protection solutions, our side privacy protection solutions or outdoor curtains might be of interest to you. Here you can choose between different fabrics and have them printed according to your ideas.

How can I have my privacy screen assembled?

Depending on the intended use, you can have your privacy screen assembled in different ways. If you would like to attach the tarpaulin to your balcony railing , we recommend a peripheral hem with eyelets. You can choose the distance between the eyelets between 30cm and 50cm. If you want to attach the privacy screen around a corner, or your parapet only allows attachment at certain points, we can also place the eyelets individually. You can simply make a dimensioned sketch and send it with your order. If you would like to assemble your privacy screen in a different way (e.g. with Velcro, loops…), simply contact us. We are also happy to offer you tailor-made solutions.

How is my privacy screen printed?

In order to be able to print your privacy screen in perfect quality according to your wishes, we use various printing technologies. We print the mesh tarpaulins using a solvent process. The print is very UV and weather resistant and durable. The privacy screen can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Your logos, images or texts are printed in high resolution and in detail. Due to the perforated surface, the print is a little more subtle than with full tarpaulins.

For a frontlit or blockout privacy screen, we use UV technology for printing. The inks are cured under ultraviolet light after printing. The privacy screen is very UV and weather resistant. Thanks to the closed banner surface, the colors appear very strong and the contours are very detailed.

If you want to have a fabric privacy screen printed, we use sublimation technology. The inks are evaporated in this process. The print is very weather-resistant and machine washable if necessary. The high-resolution printing technology enables photorealistic printing in the best quality.

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