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beach windbreak

Beach windbreaker individually printed

Beach Windbreaker: Every year we look forward to taking the family to the sea and enjoying our well-deserved vacation. Days with the family at the beach are particularly popular. To have a great time by the sea and not constantly feel the wind with sand in your face or be exposed to the eyes of other bathers, a beach windbreaker is an excellent choice. If you want to stand out from the crowd on the beach, we can custom print your beach windbreaker. Or you have a company and would like to place your advertising message in a highly frequented location, then you can have your Beach Windbreaker printed with us and let your advertising work for you on vacation.

How can I design a beach privacy screen?

If you want to have a Beach Windbreaker printed, you can let your imagination run wild. The best way to create the motif for your Beach Windbreaker is in an image editing program. Gimp is a free tool that you can download from the internet. To make the creation as easy as possible for you, we have provided you with a file template for the beach privacy screen, which you can simply download in the product. You can open the template in your program and create your file. The template is created on a scale of 1:1. You can set the background, place images, text and logos, and always see how the Beach Windbreaker would look. Once you have created your file, simply delete the template and save your print file. Since we print in the CMYK color space, the colors in your file should be in CMYK. If you create rgb colors in the print file for your beach windbreaker, we will automatically convert them to CMYK. If it is not possible for you to create the file, we are also happy to offer you our help and we will take care of the graphic work for you.

Beach Windbreaker – all advantages at a glance

  • Print on high-quality decor polyester 240g/m²
  • Photorealistic sublimation print
  • Unique selling point and advertising space on the beach
  • Beach windbreaker & carrying bag can be individually printed
  • High quality
  • Sharpened wooden sticks included in the set for easy assembly
  • Dimensions: 400 x 75 cm

How is a beach privacy screen printed?

We manufacture your Beach Windbreaker from high-quality decorative polyester with a grammage of 240g/m². We print the material using sublimation technology. The inks are evaporated into the fabric. This not only makes the print very UV and weather resistant, you can even machine wash your Beach Windbreaker if needed. The print is made in 4-color printing CMYK. If your motif is created in rgb colors, we will automatically convert them to the corresponding color space. Printing is done on one side from the outside. However, the fabric allows the print to be easily seen from the inside as well. For the Beach Windbreaker, we also manufacture a carrying bag for you, which you can also design and print according to your wishes.

How is the beach privacy screen set up?

We manufacture your beach privacy screen in the best quality. Our sewing department hems the fabric all around with a double safety seam and sews vertical pockets for the wooden sticks, which are included in the scope of delivery, between the individual fields. Once you have found your place on the beach, all you have to do is unpack your beach windbreaker, put the wooden sticks in the pockets provided and press the sticks into the sandy bottom accordingly.

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