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Balcony privacy screen without drilling

Balcony privacy screen without drilling: Apartments with a balcony are very popular with us. Regardless of whether you live for rent or we buy a condominium, most people prefer a home with a balcony. Especially in the warm seasons, the balcony can become an oasis of well-being. To create a pleasant atmosphere and protect yourself from prying eyes, a balcony privacy screen is an excellent solution. In order to save yourself unnecessary changes to the balcony or the building, a balcony privacy screen without having to drill is one of the best ways to create your own individually designed balcony atmosphere. In the following text we will show you what options you have to attach a balcony privacy screen without drilling.

What advantages do I have from this?

If you want to mount a balcony privacy screen on your balcony without having to drill, balcony screens are an excellent choice. For example, we can hem a balcony privacy screen in the form of a tarpaulin all the way around and add eyelets. You can easily attach your balcony privacy screen to the existing balcony parapet with cable ties or expander rubber without drilling. This simple and very quick type of attachment has several advantages. For example, you can easily remove it in autumn after the balcony season and leave it rolled up in the basement or in the attic for the winter. The balcony privacy screen will give you many years of great pleasure. Furthermore, you can easily dismantle a balcony privacy screen at any time and clean it, for example. Especially in spring, when the days are getting longer and the sun is shining again, we want to free our balcony from the winter dirt and it is a great advantage if you have fixed your balcony privacy screen without having to drill. Changing the motif of your balcony privacy screen is also child’s play. It is particularly relevant to choose a balcony privacy screen without drilling if you live in a rented apartment. This allows you to conveniently attach your privacy screen without asking your landlord for permission in advance. The variant without drilling also makes it easier to move house.

Which balcony privacy screen should I buy?

If you opt for a balcony privacy screen without having to drill, you will find a wide variety of materials to choose from in our shop. A balcony privacy screen made of mesh fabric is very popular with our customers. The material is wind-permeable and thus reduces a so-called sail effect in strong winds. If you attach a balcony privacy screen without drilling, any wind loads will be transferred from the banner eyelets to the parapet via the cable ties. You should therefore pay attention to a wind-permeable material, especially in very windy places. You should also choose the distance between the eyelets in windy regions so that you have more attachment points available for your balcony privacy screen. In this way, the wind loads can be distributed over several points and the individual attachment point is correspondingly less stressed.

Our customers are also happy to individually print a balcony privacy screen made of Frontlit (PVC full tarpaulin) and use it as a balcony privacy screen without having to drill. Like all other products, we can also print the tarpaulin individually according to your wishes and assemble it according to your specifications. If you would like to buy a balcony privacy screen without having to drill, but your balustrade does not require standard eyelet spacing, you can also send us a sketch with the required distances and we will manufacture your balcony privacy screen individually for your balcony.

Have balcony privacy screens individually printed directly from us without drilling!

If you opt for a balcony privacy screen without drilling, we can of course print it according to your wishes. A privacy screen printed according to your ideas creates your own balcony atmosphere on a completely different level. So you can freely decide on the design of your balcony privacy screen. If you buy a balcony privacy screen in our shop and decide on a mesh tarpaulin , we will print your privacy screen using solvent technology. The print is very strong and the inks are very weather-resistant. We print other privacy banners using UV technology or using sublimation technology . Especially a side privacy screen or the balcony curtains made of polyester are printed by us using sublimation technology. If you would like to order a side privacy screen without drilling, we can manufacture it with carabiners, for example. The only important thing here is which fastening options the balcony construction offers.

If you are not sure which mounting option is the right one for your balcony privacy screen without drilling, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to support you with the planning and implementation.

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