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Balkon Sichtschutz mit Weihnachtsmotiv

Balcony privacy screen with Christmas motif print

Christmas decoration for your balcony privacy screen

Balcony privacy screen with Christmas motif: Christmas is coming closer and closer with big steps. Many people start planning their Christmas decorations as early as November. What lighting should we use in the garden? Do we want to place light decorations on the balcony? If you want to decorate your home for Christmas, you have countless design options. To give you more options, you can now find Christmas motifs in our motif selection. This allows you to use the surface of your balcony parapet as a decorative surface as well.

Which Christmas motif do I choose for my balcony privacy screen?

When choosing the right motif, we recommend to take into account a few points. We recommend choosing the motif that fits well with the rest of your decoration. With the appropriate choice of Christmas motif, the entire view of your building will look harmonious and stylish. To help you choose the right motif for your Christmas privacy screen, we have provided you with a wide selection of different Christmas motifs.

Balkon Sichtschutz mit Weihnachtsmotiv

Selection points at a glance

  • The colors of the motif should harmonize with the rest of the decoration
  • The proportions of the motif should fit the privacy screen size
  • Motif choice should be coordinated with the family
  • Determine motif early and arrange order

What material do I choose for my Christmas privacy screen?

For your Christmas banner for your balcony, we recommend Mesh (mesh tarpaulin), or PVC Frontlit. Blockout is an excellent solution for double sided Christmas privacy ideas.

The mesh material is perforated and is wind permeable. As a result, the balcony privacy screen does not provide an attack surface even in strong winds. Despite the holes in the fabric, the print looks strong and contours are sharply reproduced. Mesh balcony privacy screen is eye-catching with a Christmas motif. The material is not as opaque as frontlit.

Do you want a Christmas privacy screen, which is completely opaque? Then our PVC Frontlit is exactly the right choice. The privacy screen material has a flat surface and the colors shine intensively and powerfully.

Would you like to have a Christmas Balcony privacy screen on both sides print on your balcony? Then we recommend our Blockout material. Blockout is excellent for different printing from both sides. So you can choose a different Christmas motif from the outside than on the inside.

How can I order the balcony privacy screen online?

You have decided on a Christmas motif and now want to order your balcony privacy screen online? You can do this in our store with just a few clicks. First select the desired material. Then enter the size for your Christmas balcony privacy screen and select your motif. Now you can add your privacy screen to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Once you have entered your delivery address, select the desired payment method and you can complete your purchase.

Ordering process at a glance

  • Select material
  • Specify privacy screen size
  • Enter motif number
  • Add privacy screen to shopping cart
  • Enter delivery address and select payment method
  • Complete purchase

After you place your order, we will customize the file of your privacy screen order and send you the graphic for your review and approval. We need 2-3 working days for the production.

Can I have my own Christmas motif printed?

You would like to have a balcony privacy screen printed with your own Christmas motif? Nothing easier than that! You are welcome to upload your own file in your order. We check if your file is suitable for printing before production. If we notice something, we will inform you before printing and work with you to find a suitable solution.

How can I fix my balcony privacy screen with Christmas motif?

We manufacture your balcony privacy screen all around with hem and eyelets. So you can easily attach the balcony banner to the parapet with cable ties. After the Christmas season, the cable ties are easy to cut with pliers and you can easily and quickly remove your privacy screen. Thus, depending on the season, you can apply a suitable motif for your balcony. You can also find the appropriate motifs depending on the season in our motif selection.

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