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Balcony privacy screen print on both sides with desired motif

Double sided printed balcony privacy screen ideas

Balcony privacy screen print on both sides: Custom printed privacy banners are very popular. Thanks to the customization option, you can design your privacy banner according to your wishes. We print your balcony privacy screen in any size. If you want to have a balcony privacy screen printed on both sides, you have come to the right place. In the following article you will find out which solutions we can offer you.

Which materials can be printed on both sides?

If you want to have a balcony privacy screen printed on both sides, we cannot use standard PVC material. Frontlit and mesh are excellent materials for a balcony privacy screen. These materials are ideal for one-sided printing. If we were to print these materials on both sides, you would see the designs from the other side show through and blend together. For a balcony privacy screen with printing on both sides, we recommend blockout banners, or a blackback polyester.

What are the special properties of PVC Blockout and Blackback Polyester?

In order for a balcony privacy screen to be individually printed on both sides, it must be ensured that the graphics do not show through from the opposite side. Blockout is a PVC material. It has a central barrier layer. This additional layer prevents the graphic from showing through on the other side. Thanks to this feature, Blockout is perfect for double-sided printing.

Blackback polyester is a textile material. The material has a black rubber coating on the back. We can print two layers with different designs and then sew them together to make a privacy screen. We can use this method, for example, to produce a side privacy screen. From the outside, a discreet motif integrates into the facade of your building. From the inside you can choose a beach motif from your last vacation, or print a landscape picture of your choice.

The advantages at a glance

  • Customize and print privacy screen on both sides
  • Robust PVC Blockout 650gm² available
  • Elegant looking blackback polyester for choice
  • Interior and exterior customizable
  • Weatherproof printing
  • UV-resistant

Applications for PVC Blockout privacy screen

A privacy screen made of blockout can be used in a very versatile way. If you are looking for a balcony privacy screen where the outside view is designed differently than the inside view, Blockout is the perfect solution. With a grammage of 650g, the privacy screen is very robust, opaque and durable. From the outside you can choose, for example, a stone wall as a motif. The motif looks very handsome and does not disturb the overall appearance of your building. From the inside you can choose any motif of your choice. Maybe you design your balcony into a beach oasis? Then we recommend a suitable beach motif for your balcony privacy screen.

Possible applications for blackback polyester

Blackback polyester is a very elegant looking textile banner. Thanks to the black barrier layer, the material is 100% opaque. For example, if you want a side balcony privacy screen printed on both sides, we can make it from blackback polyester. If you share a balcony with your neighbor, you can agree with him and each choose his desired motif for his side. We print both motifs separately and then sew the prints together. We can manufacture a privacy screen made of blackback polyester in any size.

Are special solutions possible?

Are you planning a project and need a special solution for your privacy screen? No problem! Just contact us and describe your project. We will be happy to advise you on our options and work with you to find the optimum solution.

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