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Balkon Sichtschutz für Herbst und Winter

Balcony privacy screen for autumn and winter our ideas and products

Perfect balcony privacy screen with your desired motif for autumn and winter

Balcony privacy screen for autumn and winter: The dark season is just around the corner and so slowly the Balcony furnitureagain into the cellar. The balcony and garden season is coming to an end and the cozy moments in the apartment begin. The trees lose their leaves and the hedges and shrubs become bare. Each of us knows the situation at home, as soon as the balcony plants are gone, passers-by and neighbors can usually look into their own apartment unhindered.

Balcony privacy screen for winter time

A balcony privacy screen for autumn and winter has several advantages. You can design your balcony with a motif, so that the sight of the balcony will bring you much joy even in autumn and winter. In addition, passers-by or neighbors can not look into your apartment without hindrance. Especially in the evening hours, when you have lights on in the apartment, pedestrians, or neighbors can quickly look into your premises, if no trees, shrubs, or hedges block the view.

Optimal eye protection with mesh fabric

A balcony privacy screen for autumn and winter made of mesh fabric (270g/m²) provides excellent privacy protection against unwanted views into your private life. The mesh privacy screen is perforated. This is especially advantageous on stormy days. The wind can blow through the holes in the material and thus a sailing effect is minimized. The privacy screen is therefore subject to lower forces and there are no large loads on the attachment points. Nevertheless, the mesh privacy screen provides excellent privacy. You can order your Mesh banner with us in any size you want and have it printed with your favorite motif. We recommend making up with hem all around and eyelets every 50cm. The reinforced edge reduces the possibility of eyelets being torn out of the fabric. The distance of all 50cm gives you enough possibilities to fix your privacy tarp to the balcony parapet. In particularly windy places, the eyelet spacing can also be selected every 30cm.

Advantages privacy screen mesh at a glance:

  • Wind permeable material
  • High resolution UV printing
  • Weatherproof
  • Can be ordered in any size
  • Many confection options

Privacy screen with the help of Frontlit material

Frontlit is a full PVC tarpaulin with a grammage of 500g/m². Frontlit privacy screen with its closed surface, is ideal as a privacy screen. Especially in high traffic places, this material does not allow you to see into your premises. Thanks to the closed surface, the balcony privacy screen for autumn and winter convinces Frontlit privacy screen with strong colors and contrasting motifs. We manufacture your privacy screen from frontlit in your desired size and print it according to your ideas. For printing, you can provide us with your motif, or choose one from our gallery. We will gladly create your desired motif for you. For this, simply choose the layout service in our store. When mounting, you can decide for yourself whether you want your motif to face outward or prefer you to face inward for viewing.

Advantages privacy screen Frontlit at a glance

  • Robust PVC tarpaulin 500g/m²
  • Weatherproof
  • High resolution UV printing
  • Many assembly options can be realized
  • Any size can be ordered

Privacy screen printed on both sides with blockout

An absolute eye-catcher is a balcony privacy screen for autumn and winter opaque privacy tarp made of blockout material. The material has a black barrier layer in the middle and a white PVC coating on the outside and inside. Thanks to the central barrier layer, the privacy tarp can be printed individually from each side. The respective motif does not shine through on the other side. Thus, you can design your privacy screen from the outside so that it integrates into the building image, and choose any interior view, which will brighten your day at the sight.

Advantages privacy blockout at a glance

  • Very sturdy PVC tarpaulin 650g/m²
  • Individually printable on both sides
  • Weatherproof
  • High resolution UV printing
  • Customizable
  • Any desired size can be ordered

If you need a balcony screen for autumn and winter, or a special solution for your terrace or fence, just contact us. We will be happy to work with you to find the best solution so that you can enjoy the dark season comfortably within your four walls without prying eyes from the neighbors.

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