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Balcony flags print in any size

Balcony flags: For many years, balcony flags have been a popular fan item for football fans to show others their favorite club and to share their passion with others. The option of having flags printed on balconies is very popular as a way of communicating your affinity with your club to the outside world. But not only football fans are discovering more and more the advantages of balcony flags. Companies are also increasingly using balcony flags as an advertising medium and placing them in suitable places on the building to draw attention to themselves. Balcony flags are also being used more and more as a decorative element in beach bars on fences or terraces .

Balcony flags in photorealistic quality

We print your balcony flags using high-resolution sublimation technology. Here the inks are evaporated into the fabric. This not only makes the balcony flags very weather-resistant, but you can also easily wash your balcony flags if necessary. Before we print your balcony flags, our work preparation department will check your file and if we notice any quality defects in your file, we will contact you. This is the only way we can print your balcony flags in the best quality . The packaging is done exactly according to your wishes. Typical for balcony flags is an all-round hem with a sewn-in trim strip and eyelets every 50 cm. The trim tape serves as reinforcement and prevents the eyelets from tearing out too easily in the wind. When we print your balcony flags, we always make sure that they are of the best quality.

Which material to use?

The most popular materials for printing balcony flags are polyester 115g and polyester 210g . Polyester 115g is a typical flag fabric and the motif is shown on both sides (mirrored on the back). The light fabric with a grammage of 115g impresses with its semi-matt surface and brilliant print. Balcony flags made of 115g polyester can be easily attached to the outside of the balcony parapet if required and then simply folded up again and stowed away to save space. If you have balcony flags printed, you can simply take them to the stadium and use them as gang banners or as part of your choreography. The material has a B1 (flame retardant) certification.

Polyester 210 is also very popular when you want to have balcony flags printed. The material is a bit tighter and more robust. The print is only slightly visible on the back. This material is also very popular for stadium banners. It also has a B1 certification and is washable.

In what size can I have flags printed?

We print your balcony flags in any size. With the textiles polyester 115g and polyester 210g we can print up to 3m wide and 25m long without division. If the fabric banners exceed 3m on both sides, we will print your balcony flags in several strips and then sew them into the desired final format. So you can have balcony flags printed with us, without restrictions in the choice of size. If you would like to have balcony flags printed and want them in a specific shape, we can also do this. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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