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18 Balkon Sichtschutz Ideen 2023

18 balcony privacy screen ideas 2023 – All trends and products at a glance

What 18 balcony privacy screen ideas do we expect to see in 2023?

18 balcony privacy screen ideas 2023: Thanks to the combination of function and aesthetics, a balcony privacy screen is becoming more and more popular. Meanwhile, we can purchase many different types of privacy screens for our balcony or terrace. Depending on your taste, we can choose from countless materials, designs and motifs. Also for the year 2023, many people will equip your balcony, or terrace with a privacy screen. What balcony privacy screen ideas there will be in 2023, we show you in the following article.

Individualization moves to the fore

As we can already see from the past, our customers want a wider choice of different motifs. We are always striving to expand our motif selection and provide you with new motifs at regular intervals.

Furthermore, we see a very clear trend towards personalized design. More and more of our customers, design their balcony privacy screen according to their own wishes. This trend will continue more strongly than ever in 2023.

The possibility to design your balcony privacy screen freely according to your wishes allows you new ways to create your oasis of well-being, according to your ideas. You no longer need to compromise. We manufacture your privacy screen tailor-made and with your desired motif.

Which motifs will be very popular in 2023?

For the traditional balcony privacy screen for the parapet continue to enjoy great popularity stone wall and discreet meadow motifs. In the stone wall motifs, the trend is emerging that our customers prefer the gray natural stone wall with some greenery planting.

With our side privacy screen variants, nature motifs will continue to enjoy great popularity in 2023. Beach motifs from your own vacation are becoming increasingly popular for side privacy solutions. Here, too, we see a very pronounced trend towards personalized privacy screens.

Outdoor curtains and balcony curtains will also see a strong trend towards customization. Many of our customers prefer discreet motifs for outdoor curtains, which they can design according to their own wishes.

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Balkon Sichtschutz Ideen Steinmauer
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What materials for 18 balcony privacy screen ideas 2023?

For the traditional balcony privacy screen, the mesh material and PVC tarpaulin will be the most popular materials in 2023. In terms of side privacy solutions, polyester 210g will stand out as a trendsetter in 2023. In the outdoor curtains Woal and polyester 115g will fight for the first places among themselves. Thanks to our state-of-the-art printing machines and excellent workmanship, our privacy solutions are not only highly weather resistant and durable. They will give you a lot of pleasure from the first day, for a long time.

The classic mesh

A privacy screen made of mesh with its perforated surface, is characterized by several advantages. Wind can pass through the fabric. This minimizes so-called sailing effects. Especially in windy locations, this is a huge advantage and increases the life of the privacy screen immensely. Despite the holes in the structure, the print is clear and the colors are bright.

Balkon Sichtschutz Ideen Mesh

Permanent hit Frontlit

Also in 2023, many of our customers, will have a balcony privacy screen made of PVC Frontlit custom printed. The material with its smooth and flat surface provides almost 100% privacy. Colors are vibrant and contours are crisp and strong. The robust PVC material is very durable and long-lasting.

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Outdoor curtains and balcony curtains are on the rise

A clear trend for 2023 is emerging in balcony and garden design. Outdoor curtains are becoming more and more popular. You will see a balcony curtain as a flexible privacy solution more and more often in 2023. Our customers discover the versatile use and the enormous potential of design possibilities. With a balcony curtain, you can decide for yourself at any time whether you want to enjoy the view, or your privacy. In addition, you can custom print your outdoor curtain according to your requirements. There are no more limits to the design.

Balkon Sichtschutz Ideen Outdoor Gardine

The all-rounder polyester 115g

Polyester 115g will continue to be the most popular material for outdoor curtains and balcony curtains in 2023. The light and loose material you can order in any size. We will manufacture your outdoor curtain according to your requirements and print it with your desired motif. The motif is visible mirrored on the reverse side. This creates an excellent charm, especially in the case of a gazebo. You will enjoy your motif both from the inside and from the outside. The material is durable and can be washed in any washing machine.

Woal curtain as an eye catcher

Everyone knows curtain fabric, but hardly anyone uses it as an outdoor variant. A trend in 2023 will be to design pavilions and balconies as if in a fairy tale from 1001 nights. The light fabric transforms any seat into a place from the Caribbean, or the Orient. The outdoor curtain is especially suitable for places where heat can quickly accumulate. Wind can circulate well and yet the curtain creates a sense of privacy. With a custom print, you can accentuate at will.

Opaque polyester curtain 210g

Polyester 210g is a robust fabric, which is almost completely opaque. Especially as an outdoor curtain, where you attach great importance to complete privacy at will, the material is the perfect solution. Like the other fabrics, polyester 210 is very UV and weather resistant and can be machine washed. The print looks very strong and the colors shine intensely. Thanks to the matte surface, the material and the print looks very elegant.

Balkon Sichtschutz Ideen Outdoor Gardine

Privacy screen solutions printed on both sides

In 2023, many of our customers will still need balcony privacy screen ideas solutions, which they can have individually printed on both sides. Using materials with special properties, we can make you double-sided printed privacy screen ideas.

"The robust" Blockout 650g

Blockout is an excellent material that you can customize and print on both sides. The material has a special barrier layer in the middle. Thanks to this barrier layer, the motifs cannot show through on the opposite side. The material is made by the sandwich method. Thanks to the multiple layers, Blockout is very robust. The print is UV and weather resistant and very durable. Blockout 650g is 100% opaque

The Super Talent Blackback Polyester

Blackback polyester as balcony privacy screen ideas 2023 is becoming more and more popular and will be very popular. The material has a black rubber coating on the back as a barrier layer. If you are looking for a polyester material that you can have printed on both sides, Blackback Polyester is just the right choice. We print each motif individually and then sew the individual layers into a privacy screen. So you get your privacy screen where each side is individually printed.

All trends for 2023 at a glance

  • Increasing popularity of custom printed outdoor curtains
  • Balcony privacy screen solutions with desired motif
  • Stone wall motifs enjoy greater popularity
  • Materials that can be printed on both sides are becoming more popular
  • Balcony curtains with desire motif become more trendy

Balcony privacy screen special solutions 2023

In 2023, we will continue to provide you with advice and support for your projects. Do you need a privacy screen in a certain shape? Do you need a special fabrication for your outdoor curtain? No problem! Just contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution for your privacy screen.

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