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Printed privacy fence ideas that inspire

We print fence privacy protection banners , outdoor curtains and much more of fence privacy protection ideas according to your wishes. Our team has developed excellent expertise in large format printing over many years. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have an excellent network in the printing industry.

You can easily configure and order your privacy screen for the fence and other products in our online shop. If you place your order online, we are available to answer any questions you may have by phone or email. Our competent colleagues from customer service are not only happy to advise you on our standard portfolio, we are also happy to support you with custom-made products.

You can order our fence privacy screen banners and other fence privacy screen ideas with just a few clicks in predefined sizes or tailor them to your desired size. We print your fence privacy banner in the best quality using state-of-the-art digital printing machines. We use high-quality materials for banner printing, which are also refined by our specialists according to your wishes.

Which privacy fence ideas can I order online?

In our online shop you will find a large selection of customizable privacy screens. The focus here is on individually printable privacy fence , side privacy screens made of polyester, and customizable seating such as deck chairs . Our product portfolio goes far beyond our standard portfolio. This makes us the perfect partner for special solutions. No matter whether privately as a single piece or as a company for advertising purposes, we manufacture your privacy fence screen according to your wishes and specifications.

Sichtschutz Balkon PVC

Privacy Fence Banner PVC

12,00 away
  • Inexpensive full PVC tarpaulin
  • Material thickness 510 g/m²
  • Print width 500 cm
  • Printing technology UV printing
  • B1 certification
  • Indoors/outdoors
Sichtschutz Balkon Mesh

Privacy Fence Banner Mesh

12,00 away
  • Wind & translucent PVC material
  • Material thickness 270 g/m²
  • Print width 500 cm
  • Printing technology UV printing
  • Indoors/outdoors
Sichtschutz Balkon Blockout

Privacy Fence Banner Blockout

21,00 away
  • Inexpensive full PVC tarpaulin
  • Material thickness 650 g/m²
  • Print width 500 cm
  • Printing technology UV printing
  • printable on both sides
  • Indoors/outdoors
Sitzmöbel mit individuellen Druck

Seating furniture and much more

20,00 away
  • Deck chairs & bean bags
  • Individually printable
  • Robust decor polyester
  • Washable
  • Printing technique sublimation printing
  • Indoors/outdoors
Sichtschutz Balkon Polyester

Polyester Privacy Fence

15,00 away
  • Material thickness 115/210g /m²
  • Print width 300 cm
  • Printing technique sublimation
  • B1 certification
  • Indoors/outdoors
Sichtschutz Balkon Blackback-Polyester

Privacy Fence Screen Blackback Polyester

20,00 away
  • Material thickness 260 g/m²
  • Print width 300 cm
  • Printing technique sublimation
  • B1 certification
  • Indoors/outdoors
Sichtschutz Balkon Woal Gardine

Privacy Fence Woal Curtain

16,00 away
  • Material thickness 52 g/m²
  • Print width 300 cm
  • Printing technique sublimation
  • printable on both sides
  • Indoors/outdoors
Zubehör Balkon Sichtschutz

Privacy Fence accessory

00,15 away
  • cable ties
  • expander rubbers
  • Assembly kits for various building materials

Privacy Fence Ideas design and print individually

Would you like to design your fence individually and are thinking of a privacy screen for your fence with your desired motif? Then you are exactly right with us. We print your motif on your fence privacy screen banner. If you have little or no experience in banner design, we will be happy to support you with your banner design. You can conveniently book a layout service for this in our online shop and we will take care of the graphic design of your privacy fence ideas.

If you would like to design a privacy fence ideas yourself, you can create the graphic according to your wishes. In order to achieve a perfect print result, we recommend that you stick to a few guidelines when designing.

When creating the print file, you should pay attention to the appropriate resolution of the motifs. If you create files for your fence privacy screen ideas, it is advisable to find out in advance from what distance the print will be viewed.

Specifications for the Print file creation

Depending on the distance, the following rough specifications should be adhered to with a file size on a scale of 1:1.

As with the scale of the file, the resolution should also be increased by this factor.

How is this done? Order and settlement?

Which Fabrication I need?

Use fence advertising banner as a perfect advertising space

For companies, in addition to the properties mentioned, there is also the advantage of personalized advertising. Companies can use the fence parapet as an optimally placed advertising space. Fence, in particular, offer excellent advertising space, which is also clearly visible from afar. This has the further advantage that companies can not only use the privacy fence ideas as decoration and for advertising purposes, but you can also stand out from the crowd with a printed fence banner and thus show potential customers the right way.

If your company is on the ground floor and you do not want passers-by to be able to look into your office, privacy fence ideas in the form of outdoor curtains can also make sense.

What are Privacy Banners

Whether you are a private person or a company, there are a variety of privacy fence ideas with a wide variety of possible applications and corresponding requirements. In the private sector, a privacy screen for your fence serves as a privacy screen for possible neighbors or passers-by. On the other hand, also as decoration and also a bit for self-realization.

In rented apartments in particular, there are only limited options for customizing your home. Elements that can be personalised, which can be removed without leaving any residue when you change your address, are particularly popular. An individually printed privacy fence ideas is ideal for giving your home your own fingerprint, creating a certain atmosphere and using the purpose of privacy protection.

Logo balcony privacy screen ideas

How are privacy fence ideas individually printed?

In order to realize your ideas according to your requirements, we use the best materials. All of our banner and polyester materials come with a flame retardant certification. When it comes to banner materials, we make sure that we only use coated banner materials and no cheap laminated tarpaulins for the production of your fence privacy ideas.

Which Printing technologies do we use privacy screen ideas for your fence?

In order to realize your ideas, we have various printing technologies in-house. Fence privacy screen banners made of frontlit PVC tarpaulin are printed using UV technology. After printing, the inks are cured using UV light. The banner with the print is very weather-resistant and durable. UV printing is characterized by its high color saturation and detailed contour reproduction. We also use UV technology for blockout tarpaulins that can be printed on both sides.

We print your ideas from textiles with your desired motif using sublimation technology. In this process, the inks are evaporated into the polyester fabric. The fabrics are washable and the print is abrasion resistant. With polyester 115g flag material , the print shows through mirrored on the back. This allows your ideas to be visualized on both sides.

Solvent technology uses pigment solvent inks based on water-soluble solvents. The print is resistant to weathering and therefore very durable outdoors. We use this technology to print mesh banners . The print result is characterized by good color reproduction.

The latex printing technology is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Weather resistance is a clear advantage outdoors. But also the high contrast rendering and the intense color rendering characterize the latex print. Indoors, the latex print convinces with its strong colors and the detailed reproduction of contours and lettering. This technology is also particularly suitable for indoor use with low-odour inks.

Which Materials do we use privacy screen ideas for your fence?

Frontlit is a typical material for producing outdoor advertising banners . The PVC material has a grammage of 500g/m² and is B1 (flame-retardant) certified. Frontlit is very robust and durable. We can realize exhibits up to 5m wide without division. A roll length of 50m theoretically enables the printing of banners up to 5m x 50m without division.

Larger banners are printed in strips and then welded together. We mainly use the material for fence privacy screen banners. The base material is white and has a special coating on the front to ensure perfect printing results.

The mesh material, also known as a mesh tarpaulin, has a perforated surface and also has a B1 certification. We can print mesh in the same dimensions as frontlit up to a width of 5m without division. Due to the special structure of the material, it is wind-permeable and is therefore used especially in very windy places as a fence privacy screen / balcony privacy screen.

Thanks to the reduction of the so-called sail effect, the load on the substructure is lower. This can be very important, especially when used as a fence banner. Due to the reduced surface, the print is not as strong as with frontlit, but with a grammage of 270g/m² it is also significantly lighter.

Blockout material has a grammage of 650g/m². the special feature of Blockout is the middle black barrier layer. The material consists of an inner and outer white PVC tarpaulin and a rubberized black layer is sandwiched in the middle. This allows the blockout material to be printed on both sides. We use the material as a privacy fence ideas, where a different look is desired from the outside than from the inside. You can design and print both sides of the banner individually. Thanks to the barrier layer, the two motifs do not mix with each other.

Polyester 115g/m² is a flag material with a grammage of 115g/m² and it has a B1 certification. We print your privacy screen for your fence using sublimation technology. The motif is shown on both sides (mirrored on the back). The material is well suited for side privacy fence ideas, balcony flags and outdoor curtains. Polyester 115g is washable and the print is abrasion resistant. The material can be

Polyester 210g is a textile banner material with a grammage of 210g/m². The fabric is almost opaque and is ideal for designing your privacy fence screen. The material can be machine washed if necessary. As a privacy screen, it is sturdy and durable. Printing is done using sublimation technology.

Blackback polyester is a textile with a black rubber layer on the back. Due to this coating on the back, the material is absolutely opaque. Blackback polyester is therefore ideal for your privacy fence ideas if you want absolute privacy, as an outdoor curtain or as a privacy screen. We can also print two layers differently and sew them together. This gives you, for example, fence privacy screens in the form of curtains with different motifs on the inside and outside. The print is made by sublimation and the material has a grammage of 260g/m².

Decorative polyester has a grammage of 260g/m² and is printed using sublimation technology. We use the very robust material to realize your ideas when it comes to seating furniture. With individually printed deck chairs or a beanbag, you not only create personalized seating, you create a very unique atmosphere on your fence.

If you have other privacy fence ideas that cannot be found in our shop, simply contact us. We would be happy to look for suitable special solutions together with you in order to realize your ideas.